When it comes to straightening teeth, braces are a tried and true method for achieving a healthy smile! Braces are made up of brackets and an archwire, which when connected in a very specific way (Dr. Woo is an expert in designing that part!) gently shift the teeth into a natural-looking smile. Braces have improved dramatically in recent years, which is why Sebastopol Orthodontics uses the latest in orthodontic technology: the Empowered Brace System. 


Dr. Woo uses the Empower Brace System for most patients. Empower uses a self-ligating technology, which means it has built-in clips to hold archwires in place instead of traditional rubber bands (ligatures). Rubber bands tend to stain and wear out over time, which is no good! The clips in the Empower system are durable, hygienic AND allow Dr. Woo to make quicker, easier wire adjustments. Patients can also choose silver or clear with Empower. 

Benefits of Braces with the Empower Brace System:

  • Quick, easy adjustments – The state-of-the-art self-ligating clips allow for quick and comfortable wire adjustments.
  • Strong and hygienic Empower uses heat-treated chromium cobalt clips which are more durable and easier to clean than decay-prone traditional ligatures.
  • Comfortable – Empower’s contoured and sculpted edges, improve comfort and provide a smooth surface against the patient’s cheeks and lips.
  • Effective and efficient – The versatility of Empower’s design gives Dr. Woo maximum flexibility in designing a patient’s individual treatment plan. 

Some patients choose the Lingual system instead of traditional braces. Lingual braces are mounted on the back of the teeth, providing an aesthetic alternative to traditional options. 

Dr. Woo also uses In-Ovation ® L, which is one of the most successful and cutting-edge lingual brace systems available. These braces also use self-litigation and easy-open/close clips which allows for quick adjustment visits. 

Visit our FAQ page to find answers to commonly asked braces questions!

Sebastopol Orthodontists - Braces - Empower Brackets Sebastopol Orthodontists - Braces - Empower Brackets Sebastopol Orthodontists - Braces - Empower Brackets

Sebastopol Orthodontists - Braces - Empower BracketsSebastopol Orthodontists - Braces - Empower Brace SystemSebastopol Orthodontists - Braces - Empower Brace System