We are looking forward to giving you a beautiful smile and an outstanding treatment experience. Under Dr. Woo’s expert care, you will benefit from his 27+ years of experience and heartfelt passion for creating smiles that are functional, healthy, and stable. Our team is devoted to creating a comfortable, welcoming environment and providing skilled care. We look forward to meeting and serving you! 

What is the Initial Exam?

During your initial exam, we will take photographs of your teeth and Dr. Woo will perform an oral exam to assess if orthodontic treatment is needed. Dr. Woo is committed to putting your needs first and will only recommend treatment when it is necessary. If you desire treatment, he will educate you about the treatment options, explain the ideal time to begin treatment, and provide you with the projected length of treatment.  Our treatment coordinator will provide you with a projected cost and, if you wish, our team can begin your treatment!  Dr. Woo uses the latest digital technology to reduce X-ray exposure, including an Itero 3-D scanner for virtual models (which means no more impressions for diagnostic models and most appliances). 

New patients can call to schedule their initial exam or fill out our secure online appointment request form (HERE). 

Before Your Initial Exam

  1. Please complete our secure online HEALTH HISTORY FORM . If you prefer, you can also email the completed form (PDF version HERE) to drjswoo@comcast.net  or print it and bring the completed form to your initial exam. 
  2. Provide us with a list of current medications.
  3. Bring your dental and/or orthodontic insurance card if you have one. This will save time and allow us to help you know your coverage and process any claims.