These important characteristics are what sets us apart:

  • Honesty and Respect
  • Communication
  • Experience
  • Enthusiastic team
  • Clinical Skills
  • Focused Office

Honesty and Respect – It is the utmost of importance to me that I treat you with honesty and respect as if you were apart of my own family. Therefore, I view my role as an educator of orthodontics that will help you navigate your decisions regarding the alignment of you or your child’s teeth. I will only recommend treatment and orthodontic appliances that have long term proven results.

Communication – Since there are many reasons why individuals seek or need orthodontic treatment it is vital that treatment is explained with clarity. In addition, since orthodontic treatment is a long term process it is also important to have good communication not only with myself but also with my team. We spend the time it takes to explain our procedures and take time at each appointment to make sure we have answered all of your questions. In addition, our office understands how to work with your dentist or other specialists to ensure your treatment will be the best it can be.

Experience – Dr. Woo is one of the more experienced orthodontist in Sonoma County. He has practiced for over 19 years and has worked with many dentists and specialists on a vast and varied number of cases. From simple tooth movement to complex orthodontic/orthognathic/restorative cases. Treatment planning over 9,000 cases during his career he has the knowledge on how to treat your case no matter how complex. “ My experience has taught me that that each patient is unique and therefore each patient requires individualized treatment. It enables me to know how to best obtain a stable beautiful smile. Most importantly, my experience gives me the knowledge to know when to treat, what to treat and how to treat it! ”

Enthusiastic Team – This is vital on how you or your child experience orthodontic treatment and the ease of care you receive. The team members at Dr. Woo’s office are great at helping with each step of your orthodontic process. Each member of the team plays a important role and they all enjoy what they do! Therefore, you or your child will receive the best care and experience possible.

Clinical Skills – Dr. Woo graduated with honors from one of the best dental schools in the nation, U.C.S.F. School of Dentistry. He earned his specialty degree in orthodontics from Saint Louis Medical Center with an additonial Masters Degree. His excellence in academic and clinical skills gives him one of the best reputations in Sonoma County. He has gone abroad for a fellowship on TMJ disorders and has given many presentations on the different application of orthodontic treatment to dentists, hygienists, and assistants. Many dentists seek orthodontics for themselves or their family members from him because they desire the best outcome, trust his work, and enjoy his positive demeanor.

Focused Office – Dr. Woo’s office is extremely focused providing you with a great experience and excellent clinical results. We want you to be happy about your smile and the service we provide. You are our most important asset. We are focused on individualized care and enjoy knowing all our patients by name. We are small office so we can stay focused on your treatment at all times.

At Sebastopol Orthodontics our concentration on sincere client relationships and superior professional skills is what sets us apart.