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Outlining Our Values: A Note from Dr. Woo

As a member of the Sonoma County community, local business owner, father, and orthodontist, I understand the importance of setting and practicing core values. It is what sets us apart. I know that values are important when it comes to choosing what’s right for you, so here are the values with which I run Sebastopol Orthodontics.

Best Wishes,

Dr. John Woo

Honesty and Respect – These are the tenets of my practice. Why? Everyone deserves honest and expert orthodontic support as well as a positive treatment experience. I understand that my patients aren’t just consumers or clients but rather human beings looking for an improved life experience. I also believe it is my duty to be an educator of orthodontics and give you all the information you need to navigate decisions regarding your treatment. I will only recommend treatment when necessary and orthodontic appliances that have long-term proven results.

Clear Communication – I value sincere, trusting, and clear communication because I understand that orthodontic treatment is a long-term process in which patients and I have a long-term relationship. Additionally, there are many reasons why individuals seek or need orthodontic treatment, so it is important that treatment options are explained with clarity. My team and I allot time for explaining procedures and answering questions. Our office will also be in strong communication with your dentist or other specialists involved so that your healthcare is thoroughly supported! 

Safety – I am honored that my patients entrust me with their orthodontic health and always put safe practices at the forefront of my work. From everyday adjustments to putting on braces to COVID-19 practices, my office prioritizes your safety. I also aim to provide my patients with a treatment environment that feels safe, through the respect, communication, and atmosphere we provide.

Teamwork – I am both lucky and proud to have such a solid team. I choose my team members for their dental and people skills! Each team member plays an important role in the office, and the team’s collective strength is what allows Sebastopol Orthodontics to provide such valuable/easy care.  

Experience-based Expertise – As one of the most experienced orthodontists in Sonoma County, I provide treatment that is backed by years and years of experience-based knowledge. Over twenty-eight years of knowledge to be exact! I have treated over 10,000 cases in my career so far, and a substantial number of highly complex and surgical cases. I have a strong reputation in the local dental community and have worked in tandem with many dentists and specialists. My experience gives me the knowledge to know when to treat, what to treat and how to treat it. Every single one of my patients has received unique and individualized treatment which is why I so consistently provide stable beautiful smiles. 

Patients First– Orthodontics is about providing an improved life experience that quite literally leaves you smiling! I deeply value your happiness throughout your orthodontic experience and in your clinical results. I am grateful that my practice is sized to provide highly individualized care and that I get to know my patients through their treatment process. Sebastopol Orthodontics will always value patients-first! 

What Sets Us Apart? At Sebastopol Orthodontics we focus on our values – when it comes to patient relationships, expert care and deeply considering what we bring to your experience with us.

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