Woo Crew works together to make your visits to Sebastopol Orthodontics a positive, easy experience! Dr. Woo is proud to work with such a talented team. Each team member is a part of the quality experience we provide, from assisting with your oral care to making sure you’re informed and comfortable. They can do it all! Get to know the Woo Crew in the bios below.

Kayla: Orthodontic Assistant

Hobbies – I enjoy backpacking, mountain biking, gardening, quality family time, and baking.

Music Favorites – I enjoy many music genres and like branching out and listening to many different styles.

The team loves having Kayla around because “she is an amazing team member and is always working hard for her patients”

Francesca: RDA/Orthodontic Assistant

Hobbies – In my spare time I love spending quality time with friends and family. The ocean is definitely my happy place and I love a good hike around any of the parks in beautiful Sonoma County.

Music Favorites – I like music of all kinds, but I always find myself in the country genre.

Fun Fact: Aside from beautifying your smile, I am also a part-time hairstylist!

The team loves having Francesca around because “she is easy to work with and lights up the office with her smile!”

Skylar: Treatment Coordinator

Hobbies: I love to spend all my extra time outside with my two amazing dogs! I also love exploring the depths of my creativity and knowledge to see what paths they lead me down!

Music Favorites: I love all kinds of music. It really depends on my mood!

Fun Fact: I know ASL!

The team loves having Skylar around because of her: “she’s very kind and determined!”

Michelle: Orthodontic Assistant

Hobbies: I love gardening, date nights, spending time with family and puppy, golfing (even though I am no good) reading and working out!

Music Favorites: This is constantly changing, but I will forever love 90’s grunge and the Grease soundtrack

Fun Fact: I’ve been an RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) for 25 years!

The team loves having Michelle around because of her: positivity and willingness to help!

Kelly: Orthodontic Assistant

Hobbies – I love outdoor activities: hiking boating camping, exercising and being with friends and family!

Fun Fact: I’m originally from Windsor and have also worked in endodontics.

The team loves having Kelly around because: “she’s personable and easy to talk to!”

Jordan: Treatment Coordinator

Hobbies – Outside of work I enjoy traveling, weekend dinner with my family, spending time with friends, and petting every dog on the street!

Fun Fact: This summer I climbed to the top of Angel’s Landing.

Music Favorites: My forever favorite since I was 8 is been Katy Perry! I am also a huge fan of musical festivals and truly enjoy every genre of music and discovering new artists.

The team loves having Jordan around because: “she’s a hard working team member! ”