My wife and I are so pleased that Dr. Woo is taking care of three of our granddaughters. It is a pleasure to see how excited they are to go to their appointments and to watch what is happening to their smiles. His interpersonal and professional skills are truly outstanding, as witnessed by the way our granddaughters look forward to seeing him in his beautiful office and the almost miraculous improvements in the alignment of their teeth. Before long our younger grandson will be visiting too. We feel very fortunate to have our grandchildren under Dr. Woo’s gentle and expert care.
– John C. Greene, DMD, MPH
Deputy Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service (Retired)
Dean Emeritus, UCSF School of Dentistry
Dr. Woo is phenomenal! I highly recommend and always will! I had to have a lot done with my teeth, from braces to double jaw surgery it was quite timely. Dr. Woo always puts his patients first and makes the best decisions for them. I’ve never felt like I wasn’t getting the treatment I deserved! He is an incredibly knowledgeable guy who has done so much for my smile. I used to be so insecure about my teeth and underbite until I went to Dr. Woo and got them fixed! Now with my braces off and jaw surgery done all I can do is smile! I encourage anyone who feels that they need their teeth fixed goes through Dr. Woo and his incredible staff. What an amazing experience.
 – Barbara
Dr. Woo’s staff is so wonderful. They are always so friendly and accommodating. I’m always so comfortable at their office.
– Sarah
“So happy that I decided to get braces! You’re never too old to get braces! Your smile is everything!Would choose Dr. Woo all over again! Thank you SO much!”
The office itself is cheerful, full of light and space, and whimsically decorated with Dr. Woo’s love of music. The staff are all friendly, smiling, helpful, and kind. When one of my brackets broke free on a Saturday, I called the emergency number and I heard back in less than half an hour, had an appointment that same morning, and was fixed up cheerfully by noon. Great service.
– Aubrey
And the results of the work are great! My teeth are cleanly straight again. Even my other two dentists have exclaimed with admiration at what a good job Dr. Woo has done with my teeth. I am a completely happy customer, and I very highly recommend Dr. Woo and his staff to anyone and everyone.
– David
Dr. Woo is wonderful. He inspires confidence and explains the procedures and the treatment very clearly. I was interested in what he did to straighten my teeth as a craft  and Dr. Woo patiently answered all my curious questions about the process. When I was a bit disconcerted by the rapid movement of my teeth at one point, I received a same day appointment, an explanation, an adjustment, and answers to all my concerns.
– David
Great office! I sought many opinions regarding orthodontic treatment and many were trying to get me to start treatment right away. Lots of pressure to start. One office focused on fast and cheap, but I wanted it done correctly. Dr. Woo showed me all the options and there was no pressure. He focused on what is best long term stable result. All the staff were great too! Which made all the appointment enjoyable.
I have been a patient of Dr. Woo’s for some time now. This has been my first orthodontics experience ever. The staff have always been so professional yet very caring. They definitely know how to keep a fun and relaxed atmosphere in the office. Dr. Woo puts a lot into his work, as well as his staff. I can honestly say that I will always recommend Dr. Woo’s office to any of my friends, co-workers or anyone else in the community for orthodontics. Thanks to everyone for the great work on my teeth.
– Tammy
I want you to know that I have never come across an office that is as well-run, professional, and friendly as yours. Believe it or not, I actually looked forward to my visits. I had complete confidence in you with handling my case. I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting your wonderful staff . Always so thoughtful and helpful in making each step of the process go well. So, thank you for everything! If I have any opportunity to refer someone to an orthodontist, you can be sure that I would send them your way with enthusiasm!
– Joanne
“I appreciate your office staff’s kindness and flexibility as well as attention to professional details. I love my straight smile.. thank you!”
– Carol

My smile is great! A very positive experience all the staff is pleasant and helpful. Dr. Woo is great and has a good sense of humor!
– MJ

I’m 50 years old and wearing braces! From the beginning, deciding to get braces or not, has been nothing but helpful and informative from the warm and friendly staff. I needed to know all the details. I never felt intimidated! The main reason I chose this office is because of Dr. Woo. He is funny and always has a way of making a patient feel secure. I have two daughters who have and are presently receiving his care. My oldest is now 22 years. She has a beautiful smile. Before seeing Dr. Woo she had already received unsuccessful treatment from another office in CA. When Dr. Woo saw her he knew exactly what needed to be done the 2nd time around. My oldest then a freshman in high school had to have a second pair of braces on. She was very unhappy! The other day when my braces were bugging me I mentioned her 2nd experience. She said “ I have this beautiful smile with straight teeth” My youngest is still in treatment with me. Everyone smiles at us when we come in. They know us by our names. I drive from Forestville to Sebastopol Orthodontics and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else! Thanks. A very happy, satisfied Mom/client.