Meet our in-house X-Rays!

Dr. Woo has invested in the most advanced x-ray technology so that patients get the safest and easiest treatment possible. Some orthodontists require patients to go off-site for X-rays which slows down the process or use older technology which emits more radiation. Our machines emit a fraction of the standard radiation and are conveniently located in our office!

Planmecca Digital X-Ray

This pan/ceph machine is a specialized digital x-ray unit that takes radiographs specifically suited for orthodontics.  Planmecca brand is considered to be one of the best and most reputable companies for this type of technology.  While costly to purchase, Dr. Woo believes this technology is worth it because it provides superior images for diagnosis and it reduces x-ray exposure by 90%!!

Sordex Digital Developer

We also use a Sordex digital developer for periapical radiographs which is used for taking individual x-rays in a focused area. It uses a sensor that is smaller and more comfortable than traditional digital sensors which also greatly reduces x-ray exposure. 

iTero Digital Scanner 

Welcome to digital impressions! The iTero Digital Scanner can quickly take a 3-D image of your teeth or a specific tooth. These comprehensive images allow Dr. Woo to craft individualized and high-precision treatment plans. The iTero is a powerful tool for Invisalign cases as well. Dr. Woo is proud to have this advanced technology available for his patients.