Dr Woo Inspires Confidence

I came to Dr. Woo seeking a second round of orthodontics, after first having my teeth straightened in adolescence. The old story: I did not wear my retainers long enough, and in my case, my big strong wisdom teeth shifted my front teeth even more. I wanted straight teeth again, and my dentist recommended Dr. Woo. A great recommendation.

The office itself is cheerful, full of light and space, and whimsically decorated with Dr. Woo’s love of music. The staff are all friendly, smiling, helpful, and kind. When one of my brackets broke free on a Saturday, I called the emergency number and I heard back in less than half an hour, had an appointment that same morning, and was fixed up cheerfully by noon. Great service.

Dr. Woo himself is wonderful. He inspires confidence and explains the procedures and the treatment very clearly. I was interested in what he did to straighten my teeth as a craft (I am not the slightly fearful adolescent I was the first time through this work) and Dr. Woo patiently answered all my curious questions about the process. When I was a bit disconcerted by the rapid movement of my teeth at one point, I received a same day appointment, an explanation, an adjustment, and answers to all my concerns.

And the results of the work are great! My teeth are cleanly straight again. Even my other two dentists have exclaimed with admiration at what a good job Dr. Woo has done with my teeth. I am a completely happy customer, and I very highly recommend Dr. Woo and his staff to anyone and everyone.


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